3D Consultation

Among our other services we also offer a consultation service, this allows us to assist clients in better developing their products and harnessing the technologies we make available to them, this allows us to help support your products development and growth. Although we can provide technological and product specifications i.e. which material or method of production will be the most efficient and effective. We can provide insight onto how it will be best designed and how your business can utilise 3d printing and our other services to enhance its performance and efficiency in multiple aspects of your businesses operation. Contact our team so we can get started!


Integration and Application of 3D Printing and other sevices

We can provide you with advice on how Skapa Workshop's services can be best integrated into your business, assisting the growth and development of your product.

Technological and product specifcations

We can implement our expertise on which machine would be best suited for the job at hand, as well as the material that would create the best end result.

graph 2.png

Product Development and testing


We can provide an analysis of your product and how our services can assist in the testing and prototyping phase, allowing for much faster development which can then transition into final product creation.