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3D Design


Our designers at Skapa Workshop utilise a variety of 3D modelling and design software, allowing us to complete a variety of jobs. If you want something designed there are a variety of methods, these consist of CAD to 3D Scanning. if you don’t have an STL/print file you can either have a look around from the thousands of free files online, or feel free contact us to talk to one of our designers so we can get you started.

Front Fender Wide proto 2 v27 photo.png
Alyssa ring Prong v2.png

The Primary services we provide to in relation to 3D design revolve around;

  • Modelling sketches into 3D models

  • Mechanical/structural designs

  • Automotive Designs

  • Cosmetic pieces

  • Organic pieces and some sculpting

  • Designing pieces fit for 3D printing

watch sketch v2.png