Preparation of cad software files

Our 3D printing experts check each file we receive to determine if their are any edits that need to be made to ensure that the part/product will be successfully printed, additionally we can also determine the structural integrity of the print and thus giving the print a much better end result and will allow the product to perform its intended function.



When designing something in CAD software it is important to keep in mind that some parts may require supports, so it is best to minimize the amount of printing done this way and to keep angles less than 45'.


Wall Thickness

When designing a piece it is important to keep in mind that their is a minimum size that a printer can extrude, and if your design has a wall thickness not compatible with the printers extruder it simply cant be printed, and so designs may need to be edited to ensure printability



When printing a file the orientation of the part is a major factor in determining the amount of supports needed, for instance printing something upside down may reduce the level of overhangs and thus the amount of supports required.


Mesh Integrity

We ensure that the files we receive are free from errors that allow the piece to be printed in its intended way.hek