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3D Printing

3D Printing has multiple advantages over traditional methods of manufacturing, these include a reduction in errors, high degree of accuracy, high ability of customised products, efficient use of time and financial resources as well as a fast turnaround time.

Skapa Workshop has a range of printers available varying in printing method and capability, this allows us to tend to jobs involving a wide range of industries including automotive, marine, electrical and custom consumer pieces.  


Contact us with your idea or design and we can see which Printer would be most appropriate as well as which material would be best suited to achieve its intended purpose, prior consultation to commencing printing is required as some designs make require adjustment to make it suitable to be printed


3D Printing applications vary greatly depending on what is required form the part, it can range from printing the part directly for use or printing something that can be used as a mold so it can be made from a different material.


When pricing our 3d Printing service it is dependant on a few key factors, these factors being the time taken to print and the material used. These factors make it easy for us to determine the cost for you up front so you know what to expect from the very beginning of the process.