With Current innovations in 3D Scanning technology is it becoming more readily available to consumers at appropriate prices, the Einscan Pro+ allows us to deliver high detail scans in a rapid manner to our clients, as well as providing the option to utilise our other services such as 3D design and 3D printing, as these compliment scanning  we can offer the whole package of starting by Scanning your item, designing modifications and alterations then finishing by 3D printing the newly designed pieces.

Normally we would need to see detailed sketches and take numerous measurements which sometimes can be hard to obtain but with the help of 3D scanning this step is made redundant. Our current scanner has a "Scan Shot Accuracy" of up to .05 millimetres, which results in all the fine details of your item being picked up, this allows us to ensure high quality reproductions of items with nothing being missed out on. Due to the nature of our business we are able to scan items which we can then process and prepare to either print a replication of that item or use the item as a reference to design modifications to.



Our 3D Scanner is the Einscan Pro+ it is lightweight and handheld thus allowing us to scan large objects ranging from objects such as entire vehicles to people, additionally it allows us to conduct high definition scans with smaller items that have more intricate details, these are usually scanned on a turntable to ensure higher levels of accuracy. 


Rapid Scanning

Rapid Scanning allows larger objects to be scanned in a relatively short period of time. This method allows us to deliver a high quality scan that can be used in conjuction with other services we provide.


HD Fixed Scan

When a smaller intricate object needs to be scanned this is the most effective method, as it allows the scanner to pick up the smallest of details at a pace set in the software to achieve the best result.