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3D Scanning



Our 3D Scanner is the Einscan Pro+, it is lightweight and handheld thus allowing us to scan large objects such as entire vehicles to people, additionally it allows us to conduct high definition scans with smaller items that have more intricate details, these are usually scanned on a turntable to ensure higher levels of accuracy.   

EVO 3 Wide Body extended v15.png

The Process starts off by scanning the object so we can use the Scan to make accurate changes/modifications or additions without the need for complex measurements and multiple iterations which can become quite costly and time consuming. This allows us to design what you want and you can see how it would look prior to us printing it making 3d scanning a vital service that can be used in conjunction with other services we provide.

EVO 3 Wide Body extended v15.png
Front Fender Wide proto 2 v27 photo.png

The are a few Primary methods of Scanning, the most popular methods are Rapid Scanning which is useful for large scale objects but there is also fixed HD scan’s where the object is placed upon a turntable thats connected to the scanner, this allows the piece to be fully exposed to the scan and ensures a high quality and no details missed.


The Primary uses of 3D Scanning to consumers are;

  • Replication of Broken pieces that require replacement, this is useful for pieces that are hard to find due to being out of production or custom made pieces.

  • Modifications added to existing pieces in a 3d space which allow changes to be seen before they are actually implemented

  • Fast/accurate way of creating a 3d model of an object/piece

When Pricing a 3D Scanning job it is largely dependant on the size and time taken to complete the scan as well as the time taken in processing it, as Scans usually require some post processing to clean it up and make it ready for either 3d Printing or alteration through 3d design.