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Skapa Workshop focuses on creation, we want to be able to provide a multitude of services to our customers that allow them to create prototypes, final products and modifications to existing pieces through the use of the latest technologies and machines available to us.

Product development and 3D design

Using multiple 3D design programs, we can recreate and re-envision existing designs, or we can create models from the ground up to suit your exact specifications.

3D Printing and rapid prototyping

From a highly detailed tabletop model, to a fully sized custom car dashboard, we have a printer and material for the job.

High Quality 3D Scanning service

We can provide a high quality scan of something either large or small and intricate, its up to you depending on how detailed or quick you need it done. contact us to determine which method would achieve the best result for what you want.

CNC Machining

We have top of the line industry grade machinery at our disposal, allowing us to provide high quality and intricate machined designs perfect for prototypes and other similar pieces.

The Services we provide are broad and we can usually accommodate most inquiries and utilise the most appropriate method of obtaining the best result

Large Scale and High definition Scans

EVO 3 Wide Body extended v15.png

Custom Designed Pieces


Precise 3D Prints


High Quality CNC Machined pieces