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CNC Machining

At Skapa Workshop we have the capability of providing a variety of CNC Machining services, these services include machining, turning, milling and assembling. Meaning we are able to assist customers in creating something from the initial concept to prototypes and the final design/end product.

We can provide assistance and advice on your project and due to the nature of our business, as well as the variety of machines we have at our disposal that allow us to work on a wide array of projects, whether it be a specialised one-off piece or a small production run we can accommodate your needs and can determine what will be the most effective way to accomplish your goals.



At Skapa Workshop the current CNC machine we have specialises in working on 5 axis, this allows us to deal with intricate designs that can be milled out of a variety of materials with a hardness up to that of 4140 steel.

The build platform size of this machine fully extended is 445.5mm(17.5’’) wide x 317.5mm (12.5”) tall x 279.4mm (11”) deep, this is perfect to machine prototypes made out of materials that cant be done via 3d printing or can be done after initial prototpying is done via 3d printing by creating something that can resemble the end product more accurately.

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