Whether its One off prints or a whole production run we can meet your 3d Design and Printing needs.

Revolutionising the Manufacturing Process

Through the use of additive manufacturing (3D printing) we are able to shake up the traditional way people manufacture their prototypes, designs and products. Some of the benefits of these are; 

  • Rapid turn around times of prototypes allowing multiple iterations to be made in quick succession (reduction of lead times).
  • Revising and changing your product is much cheaper and faster 
  • Shorter time span to market and customer demand can be met rapidly
  • Few constraints as 3d printers can print much more geometrically complex parts than traditional methods
  • Broad Range of materials at your disposal to get the best result
  • Lower up front costs

Additionally Resin printing allows more intricate models with impossible geometry to be created as single parts rather than multiple parts, this creates a more compact supply chain that can distribute parts on demand with an emphasis on reducing the dependency on suppliers. Additionally this will also decrease lead time as your product wont be coming from overseas instead from a local distributer allowing reiterations of parts to be made quickly and not having to wait weeks if not months to further test your prototype.

Product development and 3D design

Using multiple 3D design programs, we can recreate and re-envision existing designs, or we can create models from the ground up to suit your exact specifications.

3D Printing and rapid prototyping

From a highly detailed tabletop model, to a fully sized custom car dashboard, we have a printer and material for the job.

High Quality 3D Scanning service

Need a high quality scan of something large or small and intricate or possibly a rapid scan that can be done much faster. contact us to determine which method would achieve the best result for what you wish to achieve.

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