3D Printers and Materials

Formlabs Form 2 - Resin Printer

Our Resin Printer allows for incredible detail to be achieved and geometrically complex shapes to be created, where as standard manufacturing methods would be unable replicate such results. post processing of prints is also much easier as we have a Formlabs Form Wash which automatically removes excess resin, this allows us to give a standardised and high quality finish to all our products.

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We have a broad range of available resins, these include resins such as Durable/Tough, flexible and clear resins. (along with standard grey/other colours) Having a broad range of materials available means that your part will be made with the most appropriate resin, allowing it to achieve the desired result and fulfilling its intended purpose as each material has differing technical specifications.

Most materials can be ordered in when requested.

Custom FDM Printers

At Skapa we needed FDM machines capable of large scale builds so along with owning a few standard machines we have built our own larger scale printers, this allows us to provide the service of being capable of printing larger pieces in either one entire piece or fewer overall pieces.

Our largest printer being 500x500x800 and our other printers being smaller than that, FDM printers are perfect for prototypes and small production runs due to them being much cheaper than alternatives.



There is a large range of filaments available to FDM printers, these vary in technical specifications greatly. Primarily we use PETG and ASA which is a superior alternative to ABS as it exceeds the mechanical properties and has a greater heat resistance and UV stability, additionally it also tends to have a better finish. We also store a range of PLA of varying colours for pieces that dont require these mechanical specifications and properties and thus is cheaper than ASA and more suited to consumer cosmetic/aesthetic pieces.

Most materials can be ordered in when requested.