Concept Models

Concept models allow you to communicate design concepts to clients, with which a tangible product makes it much easier to demonstrate its capabilities. Concept modelling is a great way to improve upon ideas before their final iteration.



Companies are realising the potential of 3D printing for prototyping as a cost effective way to reduce product and part development time. This is especially useful when companies require prototypes of parts that accurately represent your final product’s functionality and performance.

Functional prototype.jpg

Functional Prototypes

3D printed functional prototypes that are printed in the appropriate materials are able to withstand thermal, chemical and mechanical stress, these prints also rely heavily on durable FDM 3D printing technology. 

Direct digital manufacturing.jpg

Direct Digital Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is allowing businesses to change the way they make everything. By allowing prototypes to be made, tools and final parts directly from CAD data, additive manufacturing drastically reduces delivery times and production costs, allowing customers needs to be met quickly.

End use parts.jpg

End Use Parts

3D printing is giving us the ability to begin production without the delay and expense of tooling, as well to produce customized and complex products free from traditional manufacturing constraints.