3D Printing

Skapa Workshop has a range of printers available varying in printing method and capability, this allows us to tend to jobs involving a wide range of industries including automotive, marine, electrical and custom consumer pieces.

car scab.png

3D Scanning

With our Einscan Pro+ we are able to rapidly and accurately Scan large objects, as well as High definition scans of smaller objects, with our scans having an accuracy up to .05mm.

car 2.png

3D Design

At Skapa Workshop we utilise a variety of 3D modelling and design software packages that enable us to create ready to print STL files.


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3D Consultancy

Learn about how our processes can work for you and how you or your business can best utilize 3d printing, 3d design and 3d scanning.

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3D File Preparation

We can ensure that your CAD files are ready to be 3D printed in the most efficient way to reduce any complications and produce a high quality product.


Post Processing and Finishing

By utilising a variety of methods we can process prints to further enhance thier aesthetics and features.